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What Our Patients Say:

“If this were your practice, what would you do differently?”

Do not do anything differently – your service is second to none and a measure of good health and wellbeing starts with friendly staff greeting you on your arrival followed by your body aches and pains being rectified by someone who has years of experience in doing just that so don’t change a thing just keep up the good work and Swindon will have a happier healthier society.

R Hamley

Felt very comfortable and at ease.  Looking forward to achieving good results. Would recommend to others.

K Dixon

This was my first experience of going to a chiropractor. I was not sure what to expect but everyone was very friendly. Sandra explained everything very well and made me feel very comfortable.


I have been having treatment since Nov and I would recommend Shaw Chiropractic Clinic to everyone. I have found Sandra has helped me not only with my back but being supportive and giving great advice. All the staff are friendly and helpful.


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Preventative Treatment

I went to see Sandy a number of years ago as I had a problem with my left shoulder which Sandy thinks could have been caused by regularly carrying a handbag on my right shoulder over a number of years. I rarely experience any problem with my left shoulder nowadays but I do see Sandy every 2 to 3 months for preventative treatment. Sandy is an excellent practitioner and her reception staff always make my visits very positive experiences.

L Stanford

Highly Recommended

I originally contacted the clinic with back problems, which Sandy very quickly put right. I am now on a maintenance plan and continue to go every 10/12 weeks.  Sandy is very professional and is concerned for the wellbeing of her patients, all the reception staff is welcoming and helpful and it is a pleasure to go to the clinic, rather than somewhere you dread!

P Russell – May’14

So glad I found Sandy after trying a number of practitioners throughout 3 years of back pain. My back rarely troubles me now and Sandy has also helped with neck and knee pain. Very thorough and genuinely interested in treating the whole person. Cannot recommend highly enough

M Hudson

I had been treated by Sandy in the past for back injuries and had no hesitation in returning to her for treatment for my most recent back problems. After an initial examination, Sandy explained in detail what was causing my back pain and what could be done to relieve the problem. I am now having treatment, and my back is improving rapidly. Sandy is thoroughly professional in a very friendly way, as are all of her staff and I have no hesitation in recommending Shaw Chiropractic to anyone who has any need for Chiropractic care.

K Smart

Based on my own experience if you are suffering from back or sciatic pain I would recommend a visit to Shaw Chiropractic Clinic. I had suffered from intermittent lower back pain for a number of years and found that neither visits to my local surgery or referral for physiotherapy had resolved the problem. During an episode of back pain, on advice from friends and family, I relented and sought chiropractic treatment, and having looked at various chiropractors chose Shaw Chiropractic Clinic.Show More

Following a thorough initial consultation, treatment and advice I noticed an immediate improvement in the symptoms, and the subsequent course of treatments to address the causes have made a real difference. As part of the course of treatment Sandra Davis fully explained the causes of my back pain and has provided me with specific exercises to maintain a healthy spine and joints to minimise the potential for recurrence. In addition, I have chosen to continue to see Sandra on a quarterly basis for maintenance visits to ensure that the initial investment in care continues to produce long term benefits.

M Dyer

Pain Relief

Have had back pain for a number of years due to heavy lifting and generally poor posture. Started with a different chiropractor but have since changed to Shaw Chiropractic Clinic and have seen a massive difference. If you are willing to take in the information and help yourself you’ll see and feel the difference in no time. The team is very friendly and make you feel very comfortable. Thanks!

G Reeves

Playing rugby had played havoc with my back to the point where I spent a week in bed as I was unable to get out of bed for the pain. After being recommended I took the plunge and gained a referral to Shaw, where Sandy worked some miracles over two weeks not only getting me walking upright and without pain for the first time in years, but back playing rugby (much against her advice), I still attendant for regular service and running repairs. She is always ready to listen and offer advice. I can thoroughly recommend Shaw Chiropractic Clinic for service and support.

K Fletcher

Back Pain

Sandra has been treating me for back pain for a couple of months now, the pain had gone within a couple of weeks but the weekly visits after have given me a lot more movement and my daily work as a Glazer a lot easier. I would highly recommend Sandra.

R Taylor

I went to see Sandra because my back had gone and I was off to an exhibition in a few days time and could not stand straight with a lot of pain and discomfort. After the initial consultation and treatment, I felt so much better and proceeded to have daily treatments to enable me to get to the exhibition, this was achieved at the weekend and I had one more treatment yesterday to relieve the stiffness.Show More

After treatments and following Sandra’s instructions to the letter I have woken up this morning and for the first time in 2 years (if not more) I am pain-free and I feel amazing! The reception staff is lovely, warmed gowns are a special treat and the clinic has managed to strike a balance between relaxed family and professional. I promise the treatments do not hurt and Sandra will make time for you and will answer any questions along the way.

T Williams

Back in 2010, I used to cry all day for my backaches. I couldn’t even sleep. GP’s are usually useless on this matter, they just diagnose a torn muscle and give you drugs – I jumped on my chair when I found that “codeine” is derived from morphine… I decided to give Chiropractic treatment a go and met Dr. Davies. Now my back is almost 100% fine. I can sleep properly and my life is back to normality. Dr. Davies and her staff will make you feel comfortable at all time and she is truly professional. A free spinal check is offered to all new customers, so you have no excuses to put it off!

Tony 359


Sandy has been very good and has reduced the number of migraines I have. I am now back with a bad back! Would definitely recommend Shaw Chiropractors.

Ian Cox


Chiropractic treatment at Shaw Clinic solved my headaches. After suffering from daily, severe, unexplained headaches for many years. I went to see Sandy at the Shaw Chiropractic Clinic and she resolved the issue more or less immediately. I now have regular preventative treatment which allows me to be more or less headache free for weeks on end. Can’t speak highly enough of chiropractic treatment and Sandy.


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Highly Recommend

I have been going to Shaw Chiropractic Clinic for a few years now. I have got to know Sandy very well as she also treats my family and friends too. I go on a regular basis to keep myself in check. Sandy and her staff are so welcoming and friendly you can feel at ease. I feel Sandy is very professional and caring. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She will do her utmost to help you get back on your feet. Thanks, Sandy

Lisa D

Back Injury

As a nurse, I often do things to aggravate an old spine injury. Sandy has been my lifeline, professional, caring and full of compassion she achieves quick and lasting results. She has ensured she is always available in my times of need. Without her quick results, I would not still be nursing today.

Heather W

I have been suffering back pain and sciatica for over 3 years and was considering to have an operation in the near future until I got treatments from Sandy. She is friendly, honest, professional and has great skills who change my life !!! I don’t have much pain anymore now, so I can continue working in a nursery. I would recommend her to anybody. Thanks to Sandy and her great team.

Saori M


Would (and do) recommend both chiropractic treatment to family and friends. This is the only treatment which has kept me with virtually no symptoms and on occasion’s symptom-free! Lovely practice setting, nice touches gown warmer for you in cold weather) receptionists helpful and polite. Sandy (chiropractor) is wonderful, a very personalised service! Sandy goes above and beyond for you. Great location with free parking. Straight to the point and factual information.


Muscle Spasm

After a week of being given painkillers from A & E and my GP. I had hardly slept and was in agony. I went to Shaw Clinic feeling quite skeptical but desperate. The treatment I received was professional, good value and above all, effect. In an hour I was feeling better; in less than 2 months I am fit and well. The staff is friendly and helpful and the advice I got helped me understand how to maintain my own health. Thank you.

Amanda B.

Back Pain

Warm welcome, friendly, unhurried & informative consultation in a relaxed atmosphere, definitely no pressure in terms of signing up to expensive repetitive treatment plans as experienced at another well known local Clinic. It feels like you are being cared for on an individual basis rather than having money extracted! I would highly recommend to anyone that has experienced the conveyor belt system employed by other clinics or first-time patients not wanting to be taken advantage of. Noticeable improvement after only three visits.

Paul F.

Back Injury

After doing my back in where I could hardly move and in a lot of pain I went to Shaw Chiropractic, after an intensive examination Sandy went about trying to sort my back out after a couple of sessions over the week my back was back to normal. I have since been going back every few months for maintenance sessions and I can honestly say my back has never felt better. I have been to another local clinic a few years back and find Sandy a lot more professional and the treatment a lot better and cheaper than the other ones I have been to. Very highly recommended by myself.



Pain in my back and legs

I first visited the clinic about 2 years ago, I could hardly move or sit without pain in my back or legs. Within 2 or 3 sessions I was pain free, and now 2 years later I am living a full and active life again. I can go to the gym, play golf anything I like really, and its all down to Sandy at the clinic, she even diagnosed my high blood pressure ! I cant recommend the Shaw Chiropractic Clinic enough, you would be mad to go anywhere else ! …

D Dunsby

An absolutely fantastic practice I would highly recommend going there!

Sandy is helpful and very friendly. I’ve been suffering for weeks and explored many avenues but after one session I can honestly say I feel 90% better! I am sooooo grateful after feeling so bad for so long. I will be telling my friends and family to go there in the future!…

Michelle K.

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