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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Shaw Chiropractic Clinic patient testimonials below and please Call us or Click here to email us your questions!

Kind Regards,
Sandra Davies



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  • Really professional and relaxed atmosphere. Very detailed initial assessment.

    - Paul M.
  • Lovely staff. Was nervous to start with but there really was no need to be. Very thorough and informative. Glad I went and will be going back.

    - Nyree G.
  • My first visit could not have been better. Overall it was the friendliness that shone through which made you feel very welcome and together with the professionalism shown, made you feel confident to come back again.

    - Frances C.
  • What an amazing place, great staff and very helpful. Wish I had discovered them years ago.

    - David M.
  • Very thorough professional approach and expertise.

    - Simon J.
  • Chiropractor got me a doctor’s appointment ASAP as she felt I needed to be referred to see a Orthopaedic consultant– now awaiting my consultation. Would gladly recommend and will be returning. Many thanks.

    - Teresa J.
  • Very good. Would recommend others to go.

    - Jamie M.
  • Wonderful experience which has given me loads of confidence that I have chosen the right place.

    - Anthony L.
  • Very detailed first consultation, has given me the confidence to be in Sandy’s healing hands!

    - Maxine R.
  • A very friendly team that make you feel welcome straight away. A knowledgeable Chiropractor who very much cares about the well being of her patients.

    - Laura B.
  • Brilliant customer care.

    - Danielle B.
  • I found the appointment to be very comprehensive and felt that I was getting somewhere after been in pain for quite a few weeks. 

    - Elizabeth B.
  • First class all round. My back feels so much better already and I’m much more confident in my job because of this.

    - Paul G.
  • I feel so far my impressions are that this is a well established professional practice I am happy with the service I have received so far.

    - Victoria C.
  • Very pleasant, informative and friendly and a very professional environment.

    - Jacqueline J.
  • A comprehensive first assessment conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere.

    - Anthony A.
  • All staff were extremely helpful, warm and professional. The practice was very clean and tidy giving me more confidence in the overall professionalism of the practice.

    - Helen L.
  • Extremely thorough consultation from pleasant, professional staff.

    - David N.
  • Fantastic service thank you very much.

    - Christie R.

Confident I Can Be Helped

Much more thorough than I have experienced elsewhere. Makes me feel confident that I can be helped with the pain I have been trying to get relief from for 7 years. Just to be listened to and really get to the bottom of the problem is a relief in itself.

Debbie W.

Definitely Recommend

I was very nervous being my first chiropractor appointment, but I was definitely made to feel comfortable. Definitely will recommend. And also can’t wait for my next appointment to get rid of this pain I’m experiencing.

Ashley B.

Nice Not to Feel Rushed

I was very nervous attending my first chiropractor appointment however the staff at Shaw clinic made me feel at ease and were very friendly. Dr. Sandy Davies (Chiropractor) was amazing she took the time to listen to me thoroughly it was nice
not to feel rushed she explained everything in detail to me in a way I could understand. I have every faith that the treatment I will receive will help. I thoroughly recommend Shaw Chiropractor Clinic

Claire M.

The whole practice is very good at making the patient and ease

There was a lot of effort ensuring that I am aware of the routine and what to expect. The theory and methods of the treatment program were well explained. It gave me the confidence to help myself by reviewing and any unhealthy habits I have with the aim to eliminate or reduce. I am naturally sceptical but have noticed an immediate substantial reduction in the shooting pain I have when coughing. I am sure this is the first of many thank you to come.

Mike A.

I Feel Safe

Sandra and her team are friendly, warm and understanding. I feel safe in Sandra’s care and not only does she provide physical support but also emotional support. So glad I chose to have my treatment here.

Alison C.

Spoke Wise Words

You are all fab and I only wish I could afford to come back, after careful consideration and speaking with my father then gp have had to go on the NHS waiting list You are an amazing lady and helped me not only with my back but spoke wise words about everything we talked about so thank you so much I would recommend you to all xxx

Kelly B.

Warm & Confident

Sandra explained my condition, areas of concern & the treatment I was to receive very thoroughly & in a way that was understandable. Sandra’s manor is very warm & confidence inspiring it made me feel very an ease & has given me
real belief that my back problems will improve.

Alan K.

Becoming Pain Free

After my very first visit, I left feeling totally inspired and confident that Sandy was going to help me become pain-free. Sandy has a lovely way about her and put me totally at ease straight away, which isn’t easy when you have chronic back pain and wondering what’s going to happen. I’ve had three visits now and Sandy and her team have made each one a really friendly and
calm visit so thank you all very much. I wouldn’t hesitate to sing their praises to anyone who needs help.

Helen D.

Thank you!

24 months ago I was 21 stone in weight and suffered back problems. I couldn’t walk (self-inflicted). Sandy and her front room staff including Karina and Claire made me feel so welcome with happy smiling faces.
I felt relaxed and at ease on every visit due to such caring staff throughout. I couldn’t wait until my next visit. I even managed a charity cycle ride from Swindon to the Isle of Wight and back.
Sandy, you are a truly awesome doctor in your profession.

Simon T.

Highly Recommend

Would highly recommend Dr. Davies (Chiropractor).

Darrell C.

Brilliant Introduction

Brilliant introduction to the practice and chiropractic services.

Greg M.

Relaxing Experience

Dr. Davies (Chiropractor) is a lovely person who has a very easy going personality and makes your visit a really relaxing experience.

Michelle R.

Very Pleased For The Way I Was Welcomed

For my first ever experience I’ve had at a chiropractic clinic I am really pleased about the way I was welcomed. The staff is so polite and professional, needless to say including Sandra E. Davies giving me a thorough examination on my back. I look forward to feeling better soon under safe professional hands. Thank you all for your help and patience. I’d be more than happy to recommend.
Malcolm H.

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